Online Personal Training

It’s time to work on yourself…
   …It’s time to be proud of YOU!

Online Personal Training with Nadia: “Let me help you with a fresh start to 2023”

10 reasons for a fresh start:

  • to stay strong mentally
  • to build strength physically
  • to be accountable for your activity
  • to burn calories
  • to be aware of your food habits
  • to accept change
  • to get better sleep
  • to drink more water
  • to improve balance
  • to feel amazing, inside & out !!!

Online Personal Training (PT) with Nadia is not just a workout… It is an experience that will “move” you!

  • Each PT session is 60 minutes over Zoom with your video on during the session – being observed allows for form correction, proper alignment & posture… no judgement… just support & encouragement to keep you on track for real results!
  • Accountability coaching – setting goals, identifying obstacles, reviewing challenges, & assessing nutrition/food habits
  • Equipment used: hand weights, chair or stability ball, aerobic step or stairway, floor mat, & other items I see in your workout area
  • Pre-requisite: you must be committed to change

What our Online PT Clients are saying…

Nadia’s attention to detail, even over zoom, is impeccable. If you think you’re going to get away with doing less, think again. Her exercises are tough love, in true Nadia fashion. She accommodated for the lack of equipment I had by using everyday items to create a demanding workout.

~Linda (age 49ish)

I would say this: One size does NOT fit all. Judith and I really appreciate the way in which you apply your expertise to our particular bodies and our individual needs. We know we are in good hands.

~Martin and Judith (age 80 & 80)

We love the creativity of the sessions, you always have something fun for us to do that challenges our abilities. You develop workout plans that adapt for our various fitness levels and issues (knees, backs and ankles) always keeping it fresh and effective.

The online sessions are as challenging as in-person training, and you are able to work with whatever equipment we have available at home — whether it’s the stairs in the house or running in the backyard.

You gave us good advice on new equipment to get and we use it regularly. We like the flexibility of online training and appreciate the humour and laughter that come with the sessions. We also love hearing “full body stretch” (because that means its over)!

~Joan and Rob (age 52 & 51)

Personal training with Nadia over Zoom is as close to working out in the studio as it gets (except I can crawl to the couch in an exhausted heap WAY FASTER).

Each session I have had with Nadia in this new digital environment is just as fun, as hard, and as professional as the sessions I have had with her in the studio or on her new awesome patio.

Nadia uses the equipment I have at my house – which in no way compares to what is available at the studio – as well as some common household items and creates a comprehensive program that targets my needs in a safe and challenging way.

She may not be in the room, but she notices everything. She corrects my form when necessary, and notices when I am not quite working hard enough (she can see that I am not grimacing enough).

In this new age of having personal training sessions online from home, Nadia has embraced the challenge with professionalism, expertise, creativity, and above all – FUN.

~Nancy P. (age 52)

Nadia Bender
Owner & Personal Training Specialist

email or call at 416-231-BFIT (2346)
To enquire about pricing and to book your first step in your 2021 fresh start!

Fees and Packages:

* Call for details on special pricing with Nadia Bender, Owner

Note: Unused Online Personal Training Sessions expire one year after purchase.

These rates are applicable for online personal training sessions.


Online Personal Training Sessions that are cancelled by the client with less than 24 hours’ notice, will result in the client being fully charged for that session.

Online Personal Training same day time changes will result in the client being fully charged for the previously booked session as well as the newly booked session.