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June Session – Online Fitness Classes

Register now for June Session – Take us to the cottage with you!

Our online classes and personal training can travel with you anywhere you have internet access.

  • on the dock
  • in the sun
  • before you tan
  • before the 1st drink of the day
  • enjoy the fresh air
  • start your day with a good sweat

We know you like variety…

We’ve added some new class times. We’re gonna do some classes outside – find a spot you can step up & down. We mix in different equipment to keep it feeling new – hand weights, short band, floor gliders (or rag/small towel), broom stick/hockey stick, ball (volley ball, soccer ball, basket ball, medicine ball, stability ball), chair, step/stairs, back pack (weighted 8-10 lbs), and anything else we can find! Follow us on Instagram for updates on what to expect next class.

June Attendance Contest!

The FTF member who participates in most classes during the month of June, will win their choice of an FTF t-shirt or baseball cap. Reminder – please turn your video on when you join ZOOM so we can see you working out with us!

Register Now:

You can keep your whole household fit and strong with live online fitness classes for less than $2.70 per day. Our online schedule includes a variety of instructors and a variety of class styles, running 7 days a week.

Cost for June Session (June 1-30): $80.00 plus HST = $90.40

  • Father’s Day (Sunday June 21) – no class
  • Clients who have an existing 1-year or 6-month class membership, can choose to restart their currently frozen membership, or they can purchase the June Unlimited Pass for Online Classes, and keep their existing membership frozen until we re-open our doors.

To Register: email

Thank you SO MUCH for your ongoing support in this challenging time for us all. Stay Fit! Stay Healthy! Stay Strong!!!

Nadia Bender
Owner, Fitness that Fits

Jacqueline Returns to FTF

We are excited to have Jacqueline Burlock-Bowes back with the FTF team!

Jacqueline brings her 35 years of fitness fun and experience back to FTF. From teenage-hood to adult-hood, movement and exercising have been a consistent component in her life. It has helped her deal with life’s ups and downs while raising her five children. Her body and mind have benefited from this commitment. Now, from her new home in Orillia, she is enjoying the next phase of her life and is excited to be back on the team with energetic online classes.

Jacqueline will be teaching online Tuesday & Thursday @ 6:45am – see full schedule below.

Online Class Schedule – June 1-30

Changes from May shown in red


  • 9:30am – Cardio Weights + Core – Nadia
  • 5:30pm – Body Sculpt – Alex


  • 6:45am – Cardio Muscle Sculpt – Jacqueline
  • 9:30am – Total Body Burn – Paloma
  • 6:30pm – Muscle Conditioning – Michelle


  • 9:30am – Cardio Muscle Core – Nadia
  • 5:30pm – Cardio Butts + Gutts – Paloma


  • 6:45am – Cardio Muscle Sculpt – Jacqueline
  • 9:30am – Total Body Burn – Alex
  • 6:30pm – Body Sculpt – Paloma


  • 9:30am – Interval Cardio/Muscle/Core – Nadia
  • 5:30pm – Strength Core + Stretch – Laura


  • 9:30am – Cardio Butts + Gutts – Nadia


  • 9:30am – Total Body Burn – Paloma


  • Father’s Day (Sunday June 21) – no class